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March 15, 2023

Light-powered Eco-Drive models with a new movement – 365 days of running time powered by clean energy
New Eco-Drive 365 models with innovative new designs

In an era of environmental change and diversifying values, CITIZEN Watch aims to offer an even more enjoyable experience of time to even more people around the world. As part of these efforts, CITIZEN has developed the new Caliber E365 Eco-Drive*1 movement (Cal. E365) featuring a running time of 365 days on a full charge. These three new Eco-Drive 365 models offer fresh, new interpretations of designs from the CITIZEN Design Archive along with the new Cal. E365 movement. All three models, including a limited-edition model, will be released in Fall/Winter 2023 as part of CITIZEN’s Global Collection.

* Price and launch date may be subject to change.

CITIZEN Eco-Drive 365/BN1015-52E

Eco-Drive watches for everyone, everywhere
The light of the sun shines down equally on everyone, no matter where we are in the world. This light is freely available to all and powers all of CITIZEN’s Eco-Drive watches, perfectly encapsulating CITIZEN’s corporate philosophy of “Loved by citizens, working for citizens.”

In the early 1970s, the world was in the midst of an energy crisis, and the engineers at CITIZEN looked to sunlight as an innovative, non-polluting clean energy source. This was the genesis of Eco-Drive, grounded in CITIZEN’s determination to provide the world with environmentally-friendly watches that do not need regular battery replacement. The world’s first light-powered analog watch was launched in 1976. Since the launch of this groundbreaking model, CITIZEN has continued to pioneer light-powered watch technologies, advancing them to the point where even small amounts of light can be converted into electricity to power Eco-Drive watches. CITIZEN has also worked to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of each subsequent Eco-Drive model, and Eco-Drive watches are now worn by people in 140 countries and regions around the world.

Our world is changing rapidly as we face a range of environmental issues including climate change and natural disasters, and our values and ways of thinking are becoming more diverse. CITIZEN is adding these new Eco-Drive 365 models to its global line-up to emphasize the appeal of Eco-Drive watches powered by clean energy to everyone who wants to build a brighter future.

Uniquely beautiful, innovative new designs
The Cal. E365 movement inside these Eco-Drive 365 models further enhances the advantages of CITIZEN’s proprietary Eco-Drive – low power consumption and long running times – allowing each watch to run for 365 days on a full charge. The movement maintains the standard 27 mm diameter with even higher power generation efficiency. The pulses used to move the hands have also been refined to allow new and exciting design possibilities.The designs of the watches are inspired by a quartz watch model with an eye-catching original design launched by CITIZEN in 1973. This iconic design from half a century ago was carefully studied, adapted, and given a fresh, new interpretation. The iconic lines of the new case utilize CITIZEN’s stainless steel processing and polishing know-how. The dial, used to generate power for the watch, has also been updated using the latest manufacturing techniques. The limited-edition model features lab-grown rubies*2, echoing back to the indices of the original 1973 design. The leather strap is produced by an LWG-certified*3 tanner. After 50 years, CITIZEN’s iconic 1973 quartz model has been reborn as an Eco-Drive watch, reflecting new potential and evolutionary possibilities for watches in a new era.

This model has a stainless steel case with a brushed finish featuring a beautiful black bezel made from zirconia ceramic, a material known for its durability and hardness. Electroforming was used to give the dial a hammer tone finish with indentations reminiscent of hammered metal. The band is made from Himeji Kurozan leather. Himeji Kurozan leather, also known as “black diamond leather”, is created using a method that fuses traditional tanning and lacquering techniques, giving cow leather a lustrous finish that brings to mind the glitter of countless diamond fragments. The process is carried out by hand, and involves repeatedly applying lacquer to the grain side and drying the leather to give it volume and a deep luster. The unique textures of the monochrome elements of this special model create an eye-catching contrast, providing an appealing look that is inspired by the functionality and decorative aspects of Japanese armor.

The Caliber 0200 movement combines both aesthetic appeal and an average daily accuracy of -3 to +5 seconds, exceeding the chronometer standard for accuracy, and it has a free-sprung balance wheel to ensure greater accuracy in the long-term. The beautiful finishing was made possible by the combined skills and know-how of CITIZEN and our Swiss group company Manufacture La Joux-Perret S.A.

The transparent case back reveals the 22 karat gold rotor, and an eagle mark – the symbol of The CITIZEN – can be found on the dial. The eagle mark symbolizes the twin ideals of The CITIZEN – foresight and dedication to the pursuit of ideals as well as the enduring connection between watch and wearer.

[Product Features]

Solid case and dial inspired by Japanese armor
The deep black zirconia ceramic bezel has superior durability and hardness as well as a brushed finish on the surface. It contrasts beautifully with the brushed and mirror finishes on the case.
The combination of these design elements with the electroformed hammer tone finish on the dial creates a solid, formidable impression, much like traditional Japanese armor.

“Black diamond” Himeji Kurozan leather strap
The Himeji Kurozan leather strap has a lustrous finish that brings to mind the glitter of countless diamond fragments. The leather has a deep, black luster and volume created by repeatedly lacquering and drying the leather by hand.
The unique textures of the monochrome elements create an eye-catching contrast, providing an appealing look bringing to mind the functionality and intricate decorations of Japanese armor.

"Black diamond" Himeji Kurozan leather strap

Powered by a high-accuracy Caliber 0200 mechanical movement
The Caliber 0200 movement combines both aesthetic appeal and functionality with an average daily accuracy of -3 to +5 seconds, exceeding the chronometer standard for accuracy.
The movement is finished using decorative techniques that combine the know-how of CITIZEN and Manufacture La Joux-Perret.
The transparent case back showcases the movement with its 22 karat gold rotor, exclusive to this limited edition model.

The specially designed movements in The CITIZEN watches incorporate all of CITIZEN’s know-how and technology, and their assembly requires incredible skill. The manufacturing of this mechanical model is carried out completely in-house at CITIZEN, from the movement to the finishing of the watch, and each watch is hand-assembled by our team of highly skilled watchmaking meisters.

[Product Specifications]

Brand The CITIZEN / Mechanical model Caliber 0200
Model NC0206-18E
Launch Autumn/Winter 2022 (scheduled
Price (Projected)
Limited quantity 90 (Worldwide)
Case / Band Stainless steel (Bezel: zirconia ceramic)/ Lacquered cowhide leather (Himeji Kurozan leather)
Glass Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating
Case diameter / thickness 40.0mm / 10.9mm (design specification only)
Specifications Cal.0200/ Automatic & Manual winding / Accuracy of average -3 to +5sec per day / Running time of approx. 60 hours when fully wound/ Frequency: 28,800 vph / 26 jewels /W.R. 5 BAR / Transparent case back / Cal.0200 Certificate of Compliance included

*Accuracy measured in a stationary position. Due to the characteristics of mechanical watches, daily accuracy may be outside stated figures due to variations in conditions of use (including length of time worn, the position of the watch, wrist movement, and the winding of the spring.

The CITIZEN brand aims to become an integral part of users’ lives by tirelessly pursuing the next ideal in timekeeping accuracy, quality, design, and reliability.
The CITIZEN special site:
  CITIZEN WATCH is a true manufacture d’horlogerie with the capabilities to carry out the entire watch manufacturing process in-house, from creating a watch’s individual components to its final assembly. The company operates in more than 140 countries and regions around the world. Since its founding in 1918, CITIZEN has held the belief of “Better Starts Now” — that is, no matter who you are and what you do, it is always possible to make something better, and now is the time to start doing it. Based this belief, we have created watches, invented and improved technologies and explored the future of watches such as our proprietary light-powered Eco-Drive technology and state-of-the-art satellite-synchronized timekeeping.

★ The information above is accurate as of the date of this News Release. Final design, price, launch date, and specifications may be subject to change without notice.
★ *The availability, specifications, and related information, such as the product code for the models featured in this site, may vary by markets. If you would like to know more details, including the availability of these products in your area, please select your local website from our global site.

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