Watch Lineup


Eco-Drive One


To celebrate our 40th anniversary of Eco-Drive, we introduced our latest flagship model – Eco-Drive One at Baselworld 2016. It is the world’s thinnest light-powered watch at just 2.98mm with a movement just 1.00mm thick.




Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE – GPS F150/F900 receive position data in addition to time signals. This allows the watches to recognise the user’s current time zone and automatically update the time and date accordingly.




PROMASTER is the world’s leading sports technology timepiece adored by professionals. It has been highly acclaimed for its supreme durability in even the harshest environments and for its superior functionality in a wide variety of specialists fields. By infusing “imagination” into its persona, reflecting aspirations toward exploring infinite new territories and always aspiring to be at the cutting edge.

Citizen L



CITIZEN L watches reflect the brand concept “Beauty is Beauty,” which communicates our belief that beautiful things emanate from a beautiful mind. In other words, external beauty simply reflects inner beauty. CITIZEN L challenges the conventional notion of watch and proposes a new style and definition of luxury watch, that cares for environment, people, and culture. The product stories and messages of CITIZEN L is what make the watches and wearers truly beautiful.



  Gent  XX  Lady  XX  Pair  

Fueled by light, any light. A watch that never needs a battery, driven by a revolutionary light-harnessing technology, that converges time, light and the future.



  Gent  XX  Lady  XX  Pair  

Manufacture the mechanical watch through world-class technique. “Modern and Classic” are the main design concept, especially for those who appreciate the precise workmanship and top technique of mechanical watch.




The authentic analogue watch that connects to your smartphone. With light-powered Eco-Drive Bluetooth, worries about cable-charging or replacing batteries are a thing of the past. It’s a whole fun new lifestyle of analogue design plus smartphone connectivity.

Install the original Eco-Drive Bluetooth app in your smartphone to get call and message notifications, to set the watch alarm and even to get a warning if you’re about to forget your phone somewhere. The possibilities of the analogue watch are expanding.

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